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What is a thumbnail ?

A thumbnail is a small image that can be incorporated as an appendix to a deposit and can be used as an illustration in a list of publications (see Displaying Thumbnails).

You can view these thumbnails in the file section by clicking “Voir les fichiers annexes”.

Adding one or more vignettes

You can add thumbnails through the “File(s)” section, “Supplementary Data” format, “Figure, Image” type of attachment.

You can add a thumbnail :

- When filing a publication

- When filing a .pdf file you own that is already online

- And soon, for leaflets you own (filing without documents)

In all 3 cases, your filing will be subject to moderation.


For each thumbnail, select the following : Format = “supplementary data”

Click on the “pencil” icon to set the file

=> Select Type of attachment = “Figure, Image”

=> Main attachment = “annex_main_1” (for the main thumbnail)


The main thumbnail is the one that appears as a miniature in the list of publications generated through Haltools.

Displaying thumbnails (through Haltools)

In a list of publications generated through Haltools, you can choose one of the associated thumbnails for filing so it appears as a miniature next to the publication references. You’ll need to set this thumbnail for the “Main attachment” (cf. Add one or more thumbnails).

If there is no thumbnail, the first page of the .pdf document will be displayed by default (only if it exists).

To generate this display in Haltools, just tick “Thumbnails (Figure, Image)” in the “Display and Format” section and select a CSS style sheet that is compatible with thumbnails (../css/VisuOmbreVignettes.css, ../css/VisuRubriqueEncadre.css).