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Affiliations and Signatures: Some Recommendations

Three recommendations for providing your affiliation information for Inria authors:

1. Affiliating with your project team in the author affiliation metadata

In HAL, it is essential to affiliate with your project team rather than your Inria center. This information is crucial for annual activity reports and 4-year evaluation reports. By doing so, your work will be included in the publications of your project team

Find advice on affiliation here:

2. Differentiating your affiliation from your signature

It is important to clearly distinguish your affiliation (in metadata) from your signature (in the PDF file), as these are two different things. The Inria signature should appear in the PDF file and corresponds to the current recommendations agreed upon site by site with university partners and other research organizations. Signatures are specific to each Inria site, but they are not as detailed as metadata in HAL.

Find advice on signatures here: All recommendations are listed on the Intranet, site by site.

3. S’affilier par défaut

From your HAL profile, in the "My Affiliations" section, you can choose one or more structures by default. These will be automatically added for deposits in which you appear.

⚠ Remember to update this information when you change your affiliations ⚠

For more information:

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It is aimed at a audience of doctoral students and researchers with the goal of providing support for these new scientific practices

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The user support team at CCSD (Center for Direct Scientific Communication) offers one-hour sessions to learn almost everything about depositing in HAL. This one-hour remote training will help you master the process of depositing scientific publications in HAL. Accompanied by a member of the CCSD support team, you will go through the steps to deposit one of your scientific publications in HAL. IMPORTANT: For this training to be effective, it is recommended to participate with a scientific publication ready to be deposited in HAL. See the accepted document types in HAL: Note: If you are new to HAL, it is advisable to attend the "Getting Started in HAL" training first.

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Presentations and videos from the 2023 edition of UGA's Open Science Days are now available online on the Days website.

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