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Rewrite Strategies in the Rewriting Calculus

Horatiu Cirstea , Claude Kirchner , Luigi Liquori , Benjamin Wack
WRS 2003, 3rd International Workshop on Reduction Strategies in Rewriting and Programming - Final Proceedings, Jun 2003, Valencia, Spain. pp.593-624, ⟨10.1016/S1571-0661(05)82613-1⟩
Conference papers inria-00099586v1
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A Realizability Interpretation for Intersection and Union Types

Daniel J. Dougherty , Ugo de 'Liguoro , Luigi Liquori , Claude Stolze
14th Asian Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems, Nov 2016, Hanoi, Vietnam
Conference papers hal-01317213v2
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Bounded Polymorphism for Extensible Objects

Luigi Liquori
TYPES, Mar 1999, Kloster Irsee, Germany. pp.149-165, ⟨10.1007/3-540-48167-2_11⟩
Conference papers hal-01153827v1
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Match-O, a dialect of Eiffel with match-types

Dominique Colnet , Luigi Liquori
37th International Conference on Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems, 2000. TOOLS-Pacific 2000. Proceedings., Nov 2000, Sydney, Australia. pp.190 - 201, ⟨10.1109/TOOLS.2000.891369⟩
Conference papers hal-01152644v1
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A Linear Logic Calculus of Objects

Michele Bugliesi , Giorgio Delzanno , Luigi Liquori , Maurizio Martelli
JICSLP’96. Proceedings of the 1996 Joint International Conference and Symposium on Logic Programming. September 2-6, 1996, Bonn, Germany, Sep 1996, Bonn, Germany. pp.79-94
Conference papers hal-01156598v1
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Towards a common architecture to interconnect heterogeneous overlay networks

Vincenzo Ciancaglini , Luigi Liquori , Giang Ngo Hoang
IEEE 17th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS), 2011 & HotPOST 2011 : The Third International Workshop on Hot Topics in Peer-to-peer computing and Online Social neTworking, Dec 2011, Tainan, Taiwan. pp.817 - 822, ⟨10.1109/ICPADS.2011.139⟩
Conference papers hal-00909477v1
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An Extension and Cooperation Mechanism for Heterogeneous Overlay Networks

Vincenzo Ciancaglini , Luigi Liquori , Giang Ngo Hoang , Petar Maksimovic
Hets-Nets. Future Heterogeneous Networks, May 2012, Prague, Czech Republic. pp.10-18, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-30039-4_2⟩
Conference papers hal-00909486v1
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CarPal: interconnecting overlay networks for a community-driven shared mobility

Vincenzo Ciancaglini , Luigi Liquori , Laurent Vanni
Trustworthly Global Computing 5th International Symposium, TGC 2010, Munich, Germany, February 24-26, 2010, Revised Selected Papers, Feb 2010, München, Germany. pp.301-317, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-15640-3_20⟩
Conference papers hal-00909531v1
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Synapse: A Scalable Protocol for Interconnecting Heterogeneous Overlay Networks

Luigi Liquori , Cédric Tedeschi , Laurent Vanni , Francesco Bongiovanni , Vincenzo Ciancaglini , et al.
Networking 2010 - 9th International IFIP TC 6 Networking Conference, May 2010, Chennai, India. pp.67-82, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-12963-6_6⟩
Conference papers hal-00909544v1
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A Distributed Catalog for Digitized Cultural Heritage

Marinkovic Bojan , Luigi Liquori , Vincenzo Ciancaglini , Zoran Ognjanovic
Gusev, Mitrewsky. Communications in Computer and Information Science, 83, Springer, pp.176-186, 2011, Communications in Computer and Information Science, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-19325-5_18⟩
Book sections hal-00908783v1
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Peter, the Language that does not Exist...

Luigi Liquori
Computation and Language [cs.CL]. INPL - INP de LORRAINE, 2007
Habilitation à diriger des recherches tel-01148503v1
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A Language for Verification and Manipulation of Web Documents

Luigi Liquori , Furio Honsell , Rekha Redamalla
Proceedings of the International Workshop on Automated Specification and Verification of Web Sites (WWV 2005), May 2005, Valencia, Spain. pp.67-78, ⟨10.1016/j.entcs.2005.12.046⟩
Conference papers hal-01148880v1
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Plugging-in Proof Development Environments using Locks in LF

Furio Honsell , Luigi Liquori , Petar Maksimovic , Ivan Scagnetto
Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, 2018, 28 (9), pp.1578--1605
Journal articles hal-01272647v1
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ETSI SmartM2M Technical Report 103714: Study for oneM2M Discovery and Query use cases and requirements

Luigi Liquori , Enrico Scarrone , Marie-Agnès Peraldi-Frati , Andrea Cimmino , Raúl García Castro , et al.
Other publications hal-03115482v1
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The Delta-framework

Furio Honsell , Luigi Liquori , Claude Stolze , Ivan Scagnetto
38th IARCS Annual Conference on Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science, (FSTTCS) 2018, Dec 2018, Ahmedabad, India. pp.37:1--37:21, ⟨10.4230/LIPIcs.FSTTCS.2018.37⟩
Conference papers hal-01701934v2
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Babelchord: a Social Tower of DHT-Based Overlay Networks

Luigi Liquori , Cédric Tedeschi , Francesco Bongiovanni
IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications, 2009. ISCC 2009, Jul 2009, Sousse, Tunisia. pp.307 - 312, ⟨10.1109/ISCC.2009.5202345⟩
Conference papers hal-00909550v1
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Improving Resource Discovery in the Arigatoni Overlay Network

Raphaël Chand , Luigi Liquori , Michel Cosnard
Architecture of Computing Systems - ARCS 2007 20th International Conference, Zurich, Switzerland, March 12-15, 2007. Proceedings, Mar 2007, Zurich, Switzerland. pp.98-111, ⟨10.1007/978-3-540-71270-1_8⟩
Conference papers hal-01148439v1
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Reasoning on an imperative object-based calculus in Higher Order Abstract Syntax

Alberto Ciaffaglione , Luigi Liquori , Marino Miculan
MERLIN '03. Proceedings of the 2003 ACM SIGPLAN workshop on Mechanized reasoning about languages with variable binding, Aug 2003, Uppsala, Sweden. pp.1-10, ⟨10.1145/976571.976574⟩
Conference papers hal-01149845v1
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Modeling and Analysis of Large Scale Interconnected Unstructured P2P Networks

Rossano Gaeta , Riccardo Loti , Vincenzo Ciancaglini , Luigi Liquori
IEEE 18th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems, ICPADS, 2012, Singapore, Dec 2012, Singapore, Singapore. pp.710-711, ⟨10.1109/ICPADS.2012.107⟩
Conference papers hal-00908800v1
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An Overlay Architecture for Vehicular Networks

Luigi Liquori , Diego Borsetti , Claudio Casetti , Carla-Fabiana Chiasserini
NETWORKING 2008. Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks, Wireless Networks, Next Generation Internet 7th International IFIP-TC6 Networking Conference Singapore, May 5-9, 2008 Proceedings, May 2008, Singapore, Singapore. pp.60-71, ⟨10.1007/978-3-540-79549-0_6⟩
Conference papers hal-00909585v1
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An extended Theory of Primitive Objects: First order system

Luigi Liquori
ECOOP, Jun 1997, Jyvaskyla, Finland. pp.146-169, ⟨10.1007/BFb0053378⟩
Conference papers hal-01154568v1
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Matching Power

Horatiu Cirstea , Claude Kirchner , Luigi Liquori
12th International Conference, RTA 2001 Utrecht, The Netherlands, May 22–24, 2001 Proceedings, May 2001, Utrecht, Netherlands. pp.77-92, ⟨10.1007/3-540-45127-7_8⟩
Conference papers inria-00107876v2
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Backward-Compatible Cooperation of Heterogeneous P2P Systems

Giang Ngo Hoang , Luigi Liquori , Hung Nguyen Chan
15th International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking - ICDCN 2014, Coimbatore, India, January 4-7, 2014, Jan 2014, Coimbatore, India. pp.287-301, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-45249-9_19⟩
Conference papers hal-00906798v1
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The Rho Cube

Horatiu Cirstea , Claude Kirchner , Luigi Liquori
4th International Conference on Foundations of Software Science and Computation Structures - FOSSACS 2001, Apr 2001, Genova, Italy. 15 p, ⟨10.1007/3-540-45315-6_11⟩
Conference papers inria-00107877v1
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Action Miró/Mirho

Luigi Liquori , Dominique Colnet , Joelle Despeyroux
Other publications hal-01151339v1
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A Lambda Calculus of incomplete objects

Viviana Bono , Michele Bugliesi , Luigi Liquori
Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 1996. 21st International Symposium, MFCS'96 Cracow, Poland, September 2–6, 1996 Proceedings, Sep 1996, Cracow, Poland. pp.218-229, ⟨10.1007/3-540-61550-4_150⟩
Conference papers hal-01156555v1
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A Conditional Logical Framework

Luigi Liquori , Furio Honsell , Marina Lenisa , Ivan Scagnetto
Logic for Programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Reasoning 15th International Conference, LPAR 2008, Doha, Qatar, November 22-27, 2008. Proceedings, Nov 2008, Doha, Qatar. pp.143-157, ⟨10.1007/978-3-540-89439-1_10⟩
Conference papers hal-00909574v1
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A Scalable Communication Architecture for AMI in SmartGrid

Hoang Giang Ngo , Luigi Liquori , Chan Hung Nguyen
[Technical Report] RR-8410, INRIA. 2013
Reports hal-00913352v1
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Providing crowd-sourced and real-time media services through a NDN-based platform

Giuseppe Piro , Vincenzo Ciancaglini , Riccardo Loti , Luigi Alfredo Grieco , Luigi Liquori
Fatos Xhafa. MODELLING AND PROCESSING FOR NEXT GENERATION BIG DATA TECHNOLOGIES AND APPLICATIONS, Springer, pp.405-441, 2015, Modeling and Processing for Next-Generation Big-Data Technologies, With Applications and Case Studies, ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-09177-8⟩
Book sections hal-00906475v1
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iRho: An Imperative Rewriting-calculus

Luigi Liquori , Bernard P. Serpette
Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, 2008, 18 (03), pp.467-500. ⟨10.1017/S0960129508006750⟩
Journal articles hal-01147678v1