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Poster number Presenter Title
S3-P.01 Guénolé Boulch Evaluation of the potential adaptation of soybean (Glycine max L.) to northern France using crop modeling simulations
S3-P.02 Elvis Elli Identifying improved Eucalyptus traits to climate change by combining modelling and global sensitivity analysis
S3-P.03 Florie Gosseau Multi-scale modeling of sunflower crop responses to genetic and environment variations
S3-P.04 Gaetan Heidsieck Smart Reuse of High-Throughput Phenotyping Data using Scientific Workflows on the Cloud
S3-P.05 Matthew Jones Assessment of two sugarcane models for predicting genotype by environment interactions, using an international dataset
S3-P.06 Moritz Kupisch Modeling of hybrid performance and yield gain in oilseed rape by systems biology
S3-P.07 Florian Larue Autoencoding genetic markers to predict the value of ecophysiological model parameters - proof of concept
S3-P.08 Simon Lauwers Application of a functional-structural plant model on two wheat varieties to enhance physiological interpretation
S3-P.09 Dany Moualeu-Ngangue A QTL-based model to quantify the yield of different spring barley genotypes under water deficit
S3-P.10 Stéphane Leveau Genetic variability of the response of leaf elongation rate and transpiration to temperature and evaporative demand for wheat
S3-P.11 Gloria Padovan Durum wheat ideotypes optimized for the Mediterranean basin under future climates
S3-P.12 Nimai Senapati Substantial increase in yield is predicted by designing wheat ideotypes for Europe under future climate
S3-P.13 Abdou Traoré Can DSSAT CSM-CROPGRO-Cotton support cotton breeding under low input rainfed conditions? A case study in Senegal
S3-P.14 Selwyn Villers Combining plant sensors and high-throughput phenotyping for developing an FSPM of maize