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Deep neural networks DNNs Camera Relocalization Données volumineuses Dimensionality reduction Scene coordinate prediction Deep Clus-tering Channel estimation Hybrid method Regression Hydro-metallurgical processes 3D morphable model Machine learning First-person Hand Activity Digital Front-End Pose estimation Apprentissage machine Electrodermal activity EDA Resource Management Temporal Learning Sabotage Interférences Circular economy Mental workload MWL Convolutional neural network CNN Gaze estimation Split function Hybrid Approach Newton Structure Estimation du regard Ray-based Model Electroencephalogram EEG Human Machine Interaction Big data MIMO Channel mapping Metric Learning FDD User positioning Mixture model Autoencoders Head pose estimation Electrochemical performances SLAM Deep forest regression Placement intelligent Hurdle gamma distribution Pupil localization Critical elements Multi-stream model 3D eyeball Interference Arbitrary Sample Rate Conversion Eye tracking Smart placement Synthetic data Low prevalence variables Deep unfolding Cramér-Rao bound Time series classification TSC Parametric model Channel hardening RGB-D camera Photoplethysmogram PPG Channel charting Cloud Fingerprint MIMO channel estimation Single RGB Image Unused resources Random Forest Adaptive Regression Forest Resource management Channel charting dimensionality reduction MIMO signal processing machine learning Activity recognition Physical models Recycling Camera relocalization MIMO signal processing 3D Hand Skeleton N-back task Index Terms-MIMO Transformer neural network Expectation Conditional Maximization ECM algorithm Signal processing Physical model Hand-crafted Features Multi-stream Learning Heterogeneous architectures Ressources inutilisées Correct Execution Serverless computing Eye-tracking Image-retrieval CSIT Channel Reciprocity Neural networks Online learning