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The Tyrex team aims at developing a vision of a web where content is enhanced and protected, applications made easier to build, maintain and secure. It seeks to open new horizons for the development of the web, enhancing its potential, effectiveness, and dependability. In particular, we aim at making significant contributions by obtaining fundamental results, by building advanced experimental applications showcasing these results and by contributing to web standards. The challenging part here is that contributing to each of these lines of work requires progress in all of them simultaneously. The scientific goal that we want to address is to establish a unifying framework for designing advanced (robust, flexible, rich, novel) web applications. More precisely, we intend to build a new generation of data centric, multimedia and augmented reality applications with new design foundations. The challenging part is to propose the means to combine in an easy and compositional manner rich content, augmented reality, communications and data gathered dynamically from the environment and collected from various sources, sensors, cameras, etc. We propose to address this objective along two complementary directions:
(1) Modeling, which consists in capturing various aspects of document processing, data and communication in a unifying model, and whose difficult part involves taking into account the specificities of the web, which require new programming models and supporting theoretical tools that do not exist today.
(2) Analysis, verification and optimization, which consist in guaranteeing safety and efficiency properties, and whose hard part consists in dealing with problems close to the frontier of decidability, and therefore in finding useful trade-offs between programming ease, expressivity, complexity, succinctness, algorithmic techniques and effective implementations.