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CONVECS (Construction of Verified Concurrent Systems) is a project-team common between Inria and the LIG laboratory. The research activities of CONVECS focus on the formal modeling and verification of asynchronous concurrent systems, which are instantiated in various domains (communication protocols, distributed algorithms, cloud computing, Globally Asynchronous Locally Synchronous systems - GALS, etc.). To this aim, CONVECS proposes new formal languages for specifying the behaviour and the properties of concurrent systems, and devises efficient verification algorithms and tools running on sequential machines and distributed infrastructures.

Research axes

Asynchronous concurrency is becoming ubiquitous, from the micro scale of embedded systems and multi-core processors to the macro scale of grids and cloud computing. In the race for improved performance and lower power consumption, computer manufacturers are moving towards asynchrony, in which several entities operate concurrently at different speeds, communicate and synchronize. The price to pay for enhanced performance is an increased design complexity, which can only be addressed by formal verification. To improve the state-of-the-art in the design and analysis of concurrent asynchronous systems, CONVECS follows a research programme of five interrelated scientific topics:

International and industrial relations

The CONVECS team is involved in several international working groups in the domain of formal methods and verification:

The members of CONVECS develop and maintain the CADP toolbox, a state-of-the-art verification environment for concurrent asynchronous systems. CADP is widely used in both industry and academia. CONVECS collaborates with several industrial partners interested in formal verification, such as Orange Labs, Crouzet Automatismes, and STMicroelectronics.

Keywords: Formal methods; model checking; process algebra; temporal logic; parallel and distributed verification