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LAWDN 2010, Latin-American Workshop on Dynamic Network, 2010, to be held on November 04, 2010, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Large-scale networks with complex interaction patterns between elements are found in abundance in Communication Networks like: social networks, blog & collaborative networks, WWW, P2P, DTN, Sensors. In the last decade many research efforts contributed to establishing the concept of a network science to characterize, model, and analyze complex networks. Network Science founds applications in a variety of domains and show a mainstream research topic of interest for theoretical physicists, epidemiologists, biologist, economists, and computer scientists. For the communication networking community there is a strong research interest in the analysis of the structure and properties of dynamic networks at several layers: network/communication layers but also at the social/application layers. Understanding how the interplay of these different layers of complex networks happens and the potential mutual effects they may have on each other in a dynamic graph context is a key challenge.

This workshop aims to exchange and discuss ideas on the complex systems field, mainly oriented (but not limited to) the following topics:
  • Bio-inspired networks
  • Correlation of different types of social networks
  • Delay tolerant and disruption tolerant networks (DTN)
  • Discrete optimization and algorithms
  • Dynamical processes (proliferation, diffusion etc.)
  • Game theoretic models, pricing and incentives on dynamic networks
  • Implications of social networking on distributed network/systems
  • Mobility modeling and management
  • Robustness & Stability of dynamical networks
  • Sensor Networks
  • Social networks
  • Characterizing and analyzing dynamic networks
  • Tools and methods for collecting, analyzing, or visualizing data from dynamic networks

The organizers: INTECIN,Facultad de Ingeniería and (U.B.A.)

LAWDN 2010 Program committee:

Supported by:

Stic-AmSud 2008 (09STIC04 - Dynamics of Layered Complex Networks)