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This website presents the articles presented at the JFLA 2022. All of them have been uploaded to HAL. The conference website contains information about the event itself.

The JFLA bring together designers, users, and theoreticians. The goal is to cover all areas of functional languages, from formal proofs, to program verification, and the mathematical objects that underlie these tools. These domains should be interpreted broadly: we hope to bridge between different themes.

  • Functional languages and applications: semantics, compilation, optimisation, type systems, mesures, extensions to other paradigms.
  • Proof assistants: implementations, new tactics, developments that are interesting from a technical or methodological point of view.
  • Logic, the Curry-Howard Isomorphism, realisability, program extraction, models.
  • Specification, prototyping, formal development of algorithms.
  • Verification of rpograms or models, deductive methods, abstract interpretation, refinements.
  • Industrial use of functional languages, or methods arising from formal proof, tools for the web.

Table of Contents

Long Articles

Short Articles

Prototype Demonstrations

Program Committee


Chantal Keller   LMF, Université Paris-Saclay , Chair
Timothy Bourke    Inria, ÉNS de Paris, Vice-Chair
Sandrine Blazy   Irisa, Université Rennes 1
Frédéric Bour   Tarides - Inria
Guillaume Bury   OcamlPro
Stefania Dumbrava   Samovar, ENSIIE, Télécom Sud Paris
Diane Gallois-Wong   Nomadic Labs
Adrien Guatto   IRIF, Université de Paris
David Janin   LaBRI, Université de Bordeaux
Marie Kerjean   LIPN, Université Paris 13
Luc Pellissier   LACL, Université Paris-Est Créteil
Mário Pereira   NOVA-LINCS, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Alix Trieu   Aarhus University
Yannick Zakowski   LIP, Inria, ÉNS de Lyon