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Advances in Production Management Systems. Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable and Resilient Production Systems
Alexandre Dolgui, Alain Bernard, David Lemoine, Gregor von Cieminski, David Romero
Front Matter

Data-Driven Platforms and Applications in Production and Logistics: Digital Twins and AI for Sustainability

Assembly Line Worker Assignment and Balancing Problem with Positional Constraints
Hyungjoon Yang, Je-Hun Lee, Hyun-Jung Kim
Design and Implementation of Digital Twin-Based Application for Global Manufacturing Enterprises
Jonghwan Choi, Jinho Yang, Joohee Lym, Sang Do Noh, Yu La Joe, Sang Hyun Lee, Jeong Tae Kang, Jungmin Song, Dae Yub Lee, Yong-Shin Kang, Hyung Sun Kim
Exploring Economic, Environmental, and Social Sustainability Impact of Digital Twin-Based Services for Smart Production Logistics
Goo-Young Kim, Erik Flores-García, Magnus Wiktorsson, Sang Do Noh
Applying Machine Learning for Adaptive Scheduling and Execution of Material Handling in Smart Production Logistics
Erik Flores-García, Yongkuk Jeong, Magnus Wiktorsson
When Softbots Meet Digital Twins: Towards Supporting the Cognitive Operator 4.0
Ricardo J. Rabelo, David Romero, Saulo P. Zambiasi, Luciano C. Magalhães

Regular Session: New Approaches for Routing Problem Solving

The Implementation of Eulerian Coverings of a Graph for Solving Routing Problems
Tatiana A. Makarovskikh
An Exact Method for a Green Vehicle Routing Problem with Traffic Congestion
Hongyuan Luo, Mahjoub Dridi, Olivier Grunder
Investigating Alternative Routes for Employee Shuttle Services Arising in a Textile Company: A Comparative Study
İbrahim Miraç Eligüzel, Nur Sena Yağbasan, Eren Özceylan
Two Variants of Bi-objective Vehicle Routing Problem in Home (Health)-Care Fields
Salma Hadj Taieb, Taicir Moalla Loukil, Abderrahman El Mhamedi, Yasmina Hani
Inventory Routing Problem with Transshipment and Substitution for Blood Products Using the Case of the Belgian Blood Distribution
Christine Di Martinelly, Nadine Meskens, Fouad Riane, Imane Hssini

Regular Session: Improvement of Design and Operation of Manufacturing Systems

Improving Manufacturing System Design by Instantiation of the Integrated Product, Process and Manufacturing System Development Reference Framework
José Ramírez, Arturo Molina
A Formal Skill Model Facilitating the Design and Operation of Flexible Assembly Workstations
Lauren van De Ginste, Alexander De Cock, Axl Van Alboom, Yogang Singh, El-Houssaine Aghezzaf, Johannes Cottyn
Multi-criteria Filtering Approach for Comparison and Analysis of Scheduling Alternative Scenarios: Case Study on an Open Pit Phosphate Mine
Najoua Alaoui, Ahlam Azzamouri, Selwa Elfirdoussi, Pierre Fenies
Evaluation of Complex Manufacturing Systems in the Context of Aggregated Operating Curves
Ulf Bergmann, Matthias Heinicke, Gerd Wagenhaus, Sascha Schmidt
Conceptual Maps of Reliability Analysis Applied in Reconfigurable Manufacturing System
Tian Zhang, Lazhar Homri, Jean-Yves Dantan, Ali Siadat

Regular Session: Crossdock and Transportation Issues

Berth Allocate Problem with Multi-entry Considering Marine Fish Freshness
Jing Zhu, Wang Yan, Xuehao Feng
Cross-Dock Location: An Airbus Helicopters Case Study
David A. Pardo Melo, Vincent Bernier, Yannick Frein, Bernard Penz
A Hierarchical Network Approach for Long-Haul Parcel Transportation
Camille Gras, Van-Dat Cung, Nathalie Herr 2 , Alantha Newman
Assessment of MaaS (Mobility as a Service) Apps in Metropolitian Area of São Paulo, Brazil
Gabriel Santos Rodrigues, João Reis, Regis Cortez Bueno, Wilson Yoshio Tanaka, Adriano Maniçoba da Silva, Sivanilza Teixeira Machado
Using Flexible Crossdock Schedules to Face Truck Arrivals Uncertainty
Quentin Fabry, Lotte Berghman, Cyril Briand

Regular Session: Maintenance Improvement and Lifecycle Management

Asset Management, Industry 4.0 and Maintenance in Electrical Energy Distribution
Sam Amelete, Raynald Vaillancourt, Georges Abdul-Nour, François Gauthier
Perspectives on the Future of Maintenance Engineering Education
Jon Bokrantz, Anders Skoogh
Wear and Tear: A Data Driven Analysis of the Operating Condition of Lubricant Oils
Roney Malaguti, Nuno Lourenço, Cristovão Silva
A Periodic Inventory Model for Perishable Items with General Lifetime
Fatma Ben Khalifa, Imen Safra, Chaaben Kouki, and Zied Jemai
Efficient Maintenance Planning: The MATISA Company Case Study
Jean-Robert Compérat, Vincent Cliville, Lamia Berrah
Understanding Schedule Progress Using Earned Value and Earned Schedule Techniques at Path-Level
Christian Capone, Timur Narbaev
Health Indicator Modeling and Association Rule Mining for Stoppages Prediction in a Refinery Plant
Giovanni Mazzuto, Sara Antomarioni, Filippo Emanuele Ciarapica, Maurizio Bevilacqua
Productivity Improvement in Manufacturing Systems Through TPM, OEE and Collaboration Between Maintenance and Production: A Case Study
Rui Costa, Isabel Lopes
Stochastic Dynamic Programming for Earliness-Tardiness Single Machine Scheduling with Maintenance Considerations
Sabri Abderrazzak, Allaoui Hamid, Souissi Omar
An Assessment of Order Release Models in Hybrid MTO-MTS Flow Shop with Bottleneck
Federica Costa, Kaustav Kundu, Alberto Portioli-Staudacher

Regular Session: Additive Manufacturing and Mass Customization

Impact of Failure Rate Uncertainties on the Implementation of Additive Manufacturing in Spare Parts Supply Chains
Mirco Peron, Nils Knofius, Rob Basten, Fabio Sgarbossa
Mass Customization: Customizing for the Human Aspect of Operations Management
Håkon Lund, Stine Sonen Tveit, Lars Skjelstad
Impacts of Additive Manufacturing on Supply Chains: An Empirical Investigation
Mohamed Zied Zied Babai, Yves Ducq, Albraa A. Noorwali
A Knowledge-Based Approach for Decision Support System in Additive Manufacturing
Qussay Jarrar, Farouk Belkadi, and Alain Bernard
A Bibliometric Analysis Approach to Review Mass Customization Scientific Production
Danijela Ciric, Bojan Lalic, Uglješa Marjanovic, Milena Savkovic, Slavko Rakic

Regular Session: Frameworks and Conceptual Modelling for Systems and Services Efficiency

Framework of the Architecture of the Communication Process Within Industry 4.0 Oriented Production System
Marek Fertsch, Michał Fertsch, Agnieszka Stachowiak
A Fuzzy Accident Risk Analysis Approach for a Concurrent Engineering Platform
Mahmoud Shahrokhi, Alain Bernard
Service Capability Ontology
David Görzig, Thomas Bauernhansl
Guideline to Develop Smart Service Business Models for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
Mike Freitag, Christian Schiller, Oliver Hämmerle
Conceptual Approach to Product Development Process Based on Supply Chain Concepts
Joanine Facioli Urnau, Alda Yoshi Uemura Reche, Arthur Beltrame Canciglieri, Osiris Canciglieri Júnior, Anderson Luis Szejka

Regular Session: Optimization of Production and Transportation Systems

Interactive Design Optimization of Layout Problems
Xiaoxiao Song], Emilie Poirson, Yannick Ravaut, Fouad Bennis
A Fast and Efficient Fluid Relaxation Algorithm for Large-Scale Re-entrant Flexible Job Shop Scheduling
Linshan Ding, Zailin Guan, Zhengmin Zhang
Identification of Superior Improvement Trajectories for Production Lines via Simulation-Based Optimization with Reinforcement Learning
Günther Schuh, Andreas Gützlaff, Matthias Schmidhuber, Jan Maetschke, Max Barkhausen, Narendiran Sivanesan
Straight and U-Shaped Assembly Lines in Industry 4.0 Era: Factors Influencing Their Implementation
Marco Simonetto, Fabio Sgarbossa

Regular Session: Optimization of Supply Chain Agility and Reconfigurability

An Approach to Assess Risks Related to Information System in Supply Chain
Selmen Boubaker, Samuel Dumondelle, Parisa Dolatineghabadi
Supplier Selection by Using the Goal Programming Approach
Mahmoud Shahrokhi, Zahra Sobhani, Alain Bernard
Using an Auction-Based System in Cloud Manufacturing for Selecting Manufacturing-as-a-Service Providers
Kelvin Sparr, Damian Drexel, Ralph Hoch
Modularity Metric in Reconfigurable Supply Chain
Slim Zidi, Nadia Hamani, Lyes Kermad
Heuristic Algorithm for the Safety Stock Placement Problem
Bendadou Abderrahim, Kalai Rim, Jemai Zied, Rekik Yacine

Regular Session: Advanced Modelling Approaches

An Empirical Examination of the Consistency Ratio in the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)
Valery Lukinskiy, Vladislav Lukinskiy, Boris Sokolov, Darya Bazhina
Performance Indicators in Emergency Operating Theaters
Gustavo Santamaria-Acevedo, Oualid Jouini, Benjamin Legros, and Zied Jemai
Energy Transparency in Compound Feed Production
M. T. Alvela Nieto, E. G. Nabati, K.-D. Thoben
A Framework to Assess Risk of Illicit Trades Using Bayesian Belief Networks
Rashid Anzoom, Rakesh Nagi, Chrysafis Vogiatzis

Regular Session: Simulation and Optimization of Systems Performances

Multi-fidelity Simulation-Based Optimisation for Large-Scale Production Release Planning in Wafer Fabs
Zhengmin Zhang, Zailin Guan, Yeming Gong, Qian Shen
Toward a Simulation Model for Capacity Analysis of a New Port Terminal
Erik Bergeron, Léo Gagnon, Jean-François Audy, Pascal Forget, Amina Lamghari
Design of a Physics-Based and Data-Driven Hybrid Model for Predictive Maintenance
Emiliano Traini, Giulia Bruno, Franco Lombardi
Dynamic Bottleneck Starvation Control
Gerd Wagenhaus, Niels Gürke, Werner Kurt, Ulf Bergmann
Pricing Models for Data Products in the Industrial Food Production
Calvin Rix, Jana Frank, Volker Stich, Dennis Urban

Regular Session: AI-Based Approaches for Quality and Performance Improvement of Production Systems

A Neural Network Model for Quality Prediction in the Automotive Industry
Anders Risan, Mohamed Kais Msakni, Peter Schütz
AI and BD in Process Industry: A Literature Review with an Operational Perspective
Rosanna Fornasiero, David F. Nettleton, Lorenz Kiebler, Alicia Martinez de Yuso, Chiara Marco
Implementing an Online Scheduling Approach for Production with Multi Agent Proximal Policy Optimization (MAPPO)
Oliver Lohse, Noah Pütz, Korbinian Hörmann
Operation Twins: Synchronized Production-Intralogistics for Industry 4.0 Manufacturing
Mingxing Li, Daqiang Guo, George Q. Huang

Regular Session: Risk and Performance Management of Supply Chains

Sustainability Improvement of Coffee Farms in Valle del Cauca (Colombia) Through System Dynamics
Álvaro Penagos, Juan Carlos Osorio, Carlos Julio Vidal-Holguín
A Study of the Relationships Between Quality of Management, Sustainable Supply Chain Management Practices and Performance Outcomes
Dandutse Tanimu, Yahaya Yusuf, Dan’asabe Godwin Geyi
4.0 Transition Methodology for Sustainable Supply Chain Management
Ioana Filipas-Deniaud, Francois Marmier, Jean-Louis Michalak
Intuitionistic Fuzzy Cognitive Map Based Analysis of Supply Chain Risks
Gülçin Büyüközkan, Celal Alpay Havle, Orhan Feyzioğlu
A Classification Tool for Circular Supply Chain Indicators
Asiye Kurt, Mario Cortes-Cornax , Van-Dat Cung, Agn`es Front , and Fabien Mangione


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