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Advances in Production Management Systems. Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable and Resilient Production Systems. Part II
Alexandre Dolgui, Alain Bernard, David Lemoine, Gregor von Cieminski, David Romero
Front Matter

Digital Transformation of SME Manufacturers: The Crucial Role of Standard

Strategic Roadmapping Towards Industry 4.0 for Manufacturing SMEs
Elli Verhulst, Stine Fridtun Brenden
Developing Digital Supply Network’s Visibility Towards Transparency and Predictability
Andreas M. Radke, Thorsten Wuest, David Romero
Proposing a Gamified Solution for SMEs’ Use of Messaging Technology in Smart Manufacturing
Makenzie Keepers, Peter Denno, Thorsten Wuest
Lean First … then Digitalize: A Standard Approach for Industry 4.0 Implementation in SMEs
Daryl Powell, Richard Morgan, Graham Howe
Analyzing the Impact Level of SMEs Features Over Digital Transformation: A Case Study
Melissa Liborio Zapata, Lamia Berrah, Laurent Tabourot

Digital Transformations Towards Supply Chain Resiliency

Information Distortion in a Fast Fashion Supply Network: The Impact of Digitalization
Maria Antonietta Turino, Marta Rinaldi, Marcello Fera, Roberto Macchiaroli
Smartwatch Integration in Digital Supply Chains
Ioan-Matei Sarivan, Casper Schou, Ole Madsen, Brian Vejrum Wæhrens
Cash-Flow Bullwhip Effect in the Semiconductor Industry: An Empirical Investigation
Chintan Patil, Vittaldas V. Prabhu
Analytics with Stochastic Optimization: Experimental Results of Demand Uncertainty in a Process Industry
Narain Gupta, Goutam Dutta, Krishnendranath Mitra, M. K. Tiwari
Modelling Critical Success Factors for the Implementation of Industry 4.0 in Indian Manufacturing MSMEs
Pulok Ranjan Mohanta, Biswajit Mahanty
A Framework Integrating Internet of Things and Blockchain in Clinical Trials Reverse Supply Chain
Yvonne Badulescu, Naoufel Cheikhrouhou
Smart Integration of Blockchain in Air Cargo Handling for Profit Maximization
Rosalin Sahoo, Bhaskar Bhowmick, Manoj Kumar Tiwari
Requirements on Supply Chain Visibility: A Case on Inbound Logistics
Ravi Kalaiarasan, Tarun Kumar Agrawal, Magnus Wiktorsson, Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge, Jan Olhager
Liner Ship Freight Revenue and Fleet Deployment for Single Service
Jasashwi Mandal, Adrijit Goswami, Nishikant Mishra, Manoj Kumar Tiwari
Digitization of Real-Time Predictive Maintenance for High Speed Machine Equipment
Rony Mitra, Mayank Shukla, Adrijit Goswami, Manoj Kumar Tiwari

Engineering of Smart-Product-Service-Systems of the Future

Integrating Failure Mode, Effect and Criticality Analysis in the Overall Equipment Effectiveness Framework to Set a Digital Servitized Machinery: An Application Case
Claudio Sassanelli, Anna De Carolis, Sergio Terzi
Transformation of Manufacturing Firms: Towards Digital Servitization
Slavko Rakic, Ivanka Visnjic, Paolo Gaiardelli, David Romero, Ugljesa Marjanovic
Service Shop Performance Insights from ERP Data
Shaun West, Daryl Powell, Ille Fabian
From Qualitative to Quantitative Data Valuation in Manufacturing Companies
Hannah Stein, Lennard Holst, Volker Stich, Wolfgang Maass
A Methodology to Build a Framework for Collaboration Performance Assessment in PSS Delivery
Mourad Harrat, Farouk Belkadi, Alain Bernards
Digital Servitization and Smart Services for the New Normal
Giuditta Pezzotta, Nicola Saccani, Federico Adrodegari, Mario Rapaccini
Improving Maintenance Service Delivery Through Data and Skill-Based Task Allocation
Roberto Sala, Fabiana Pirola, Giuditta Pezzotta, Mariangela Vernieri
Setting the Stage for Research on Aftermarket Production Systems in Operations Management
Clemens Gróf, Torbjörn H. Netland
Smart Landscaping Services
Kai-Wen Tien, William E. Sitzabee, Phillip Melnick, Vittaldas V. Prabhu
The Contracting of Advanced Services Based on Digitally-Enabled Product-Service Systems
Shaun West, Zou Wenting, Oliver Stoll

Lean and Six Sigma in Services Healthcare

Fast Track in Emergency Services an Integrative Review
Sandra Amaral Chaves, Robisom Calado, Sara Avelar Coelho, Olavo Neto, Alexandre Beraldi Santos, Saulo Cabral Bourguignon
Information, Communication and Knowledge for Lean Healthcare Management Guidelines, a Literature Revision
Christiane Barbosa, Adalberto Lima, Alberto Sobrinho, Robisom Calado, Sandro Lordelo
HFMEA-Fuzzy Model for Lean Waste Assessment in Health Care Units: Proposal and Utilization Cases
Harvey Cosenza, Nilra Silva, Olavo Neto, Luis Fernando Torres, Robisom Calado
Motivators to Application of DMAIC in Patient Care Processes
Milena Reis, Luis Valdiviezo Viera, Laryssa Amaral, José Farias Filho, Adriana Teixeira, Robisom Calado
Evaluation of Fast-Track Implementation on Emergency Department: A Literature Review
Luis Valdiviezo Viera, Milena Reis, Sandra Chaves, Robisom Calado, Saulo Cabral Bourguignon, Sandro Lordelo
An Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search Method to Plan Patient’s Journey in Healthcare
Gérard Olivier, Lucet Corinne, Brisoux Devendeville Laure, Darras Sylvain
Capacity Management as a Tool for Improving Infrastructure in the Lean Healthcare: A Systematic Review
Adalberto Lima, Christiane Barbosa, Alberto Sobrinho, Robisom Calado, Ana Sobral
MDE-S: A Case Study of the Health Company Diagnostic Method Applied in Three Health Units
Alexandre Beraldi Santos, Robisom Calado, Sandra Chaves, Stephanie D’amato Nascimento, Messias Borges Silva, Saulo Cabral Bourguignon
Kaizen and Healthcare: A Bibliometric Analysis
Sandro Lordelo, Sara Nogueira, José Farias Filho, Helder Gomes Costa, Christiane Barbosa, Robisom Calado
The Benefits of Deploying the Toyota Kata
Gislayne Vieira Borges, Alexandre Beraldi Santos, Luis Fernando Torres, Messias Borges Silva, Gabriel Nascimento Santos, Robisom Calado
An ACO Algorithm for a Scheduling Problem in Health Simulation Center
Simon Caillard, Corinne Lucet, Laure Brisoux-Devendeville
Proposed Method for Identifying Emergency Unit Profiles from the Monthly Service Number
Ana Sobral, Aline Oliveira, Hevelyn Rocha, Harvey Cosenza, Robisom Calado
Lean Healthcare in Reducing HAI an Integrative Literature Review
Laryssa Amaral, Robisom Calado, Luiza Vieira, Sandra Chaves
Lean Healthcare in Reducing HAI an Integrative Literature Review
Laryssa Amaral, Robisom Calado, Luiza Vieira, Sandra Chaves
Karakuri: A Proposal to Waste Reduce in the Health Service
Stephanie D’amato Nascimento, Maria da Silva, Sérgio Crespo Pinto, Robisom Calado, Ricardo Rodrigo Alves
Home Healthcare Routing and Scheduling Problem During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Fatemeh Taghipour, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Maryam Eghbali-Zarch
Lean Transformation in Healthcare: A French Case Study
Anne Zouggar Amrani, Benjamin Garel, Bruno Vallespir
A Robust Home Health Care Scheduling and Routing Approach with Time Windows and Synchronization Constraints Under Travel Time and Service Time Uncertainty
Salma Makboul, Said Kharraja, Abderrahman Abbassi, Ahmed El Hilali Alaoui
Lean Healthcare Applied Systematically in the Basic Image Examination Process in a Medium-Sized Medical Clinic
Samuel Martins Drei, Paulo Arruda Ignácio, Antônio Júnior, Li Li Min, Thiago Oliveira Silva
Application of VSM for Improving the Medical Processes - Case Study
Katarzyna Antosz, Aleksandra Augustyn, Małgorzata Kaczmarek
DMAIC: A Proposed Method to Improve the Cleaning and Disinfection Process in Hospitals
Joana De Oliveira Pantoja Freire, Robisom Calado, Graciele Oroski Paes

New Trends and Challenges in Reconfigurable, Flexible or Agile Production System

Proposal of a Methodology to Improve the Level of Automation of an Assembly Line
Hasnaa Ait Malek, Alain Etienne, Ali Siadat, Thierry Allavena
Scalability and Convertibility Models and Approaches for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Environments
Abdelhak Dahmani, Lyes Benyoucef
Changeable Manufacturing: A Comparative Study of Requirements and Potentials in Two Industrial Cases
Stefan Kjeldgaard, Alessia Napoleone, Ann-Louise Andersen, Thomas Ditlev Brunoe, Kjeld Nielsen
A Systematic Approach to Development of Changeable and Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems
Ann-Louise Andersen, Alessia Napoleone, Thomas Ditlev Brunoe, Bjørn Christensen, Kjeld Nielsen
An Industry-Applicable Screening Tool for the Clarification of Changeability Requirements
Alessia Napoleone, Ann-Louise Andersen, Thomas Ditlev Brunoe, Kjeld Nielsen
Impact of Different Financial Evaluation Parameters for Reconfigurable Manufacturing System Investments
Thomas Ditlev Brunoe, Alessia Napoleone, Ann-Louise Andersen, Kjeld Nielsen
A Hybrid Architecture for a Reconfigurable Cellular Remanufacturing System
Camilo Mejía-Moncayo, Jean-Pierre Kenné, Lucas A. Hof
Assembly Line Balancing with Inexperienced and Trainer Workers
Niloofar Katiraee, Serena Finco, Olga Battaïa, Daria Battini
FMS Scheduling Integration for Mass Customization
Yumin He, Milton Smith
Economic Design of Matrix-Structured Manufacturing Systems
Patrick Schumacher, Christian Weckenborg, Thomas S. Spengler
Aggregate Planning for Multi-product Assembly Lines with Reconfigurable Cells
Mehmet Uzunosmanoglu, Birger Raa, Veronique Limère, Alexander De Cock, Yogang Singh, Angel J. Lopez, Sidharta Gautama, Johannes Cottyn
Integrated Workforce Allocation and Scheduling in a Reconfigurable Manufacturing System Considering Cloud Manufacturing
Behdin Vahedi-Nouri, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Zdenek Hanzalek, Alexandre Dolgui
A Bi-objective Based Measure for the Scalability of Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems
Audrey Cerqueus, Xavier Delorme
Digital Twin Framework for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems: Challenges and Requirements
Emna Hajjem, Hichem Haddou Benderbal, Nadia Hamani, Alexandre Dolgui
Mathematical Model for Processing Multiple Parts on Multi-positional Reconfigurable Machines with Turrets
Olga Battaïa, Alexandre Dolgui, Nicolai Guschinky, Fatme Makssoud

Production Management in Food Supply Chains

Food Exports from Brazil to the United Kingdom: An Exploratory Analysis of COVID-19 Impact on Trade
João Reis, Sivanilza Teixeira Machado, Emel Aktas
Application of Hybrid Metaheuristic Optimization Algorithm (SAGAC) in Beef Cattle Logistics
Marco Benvenga, Irenilza De Alencar Nääs
Integrated Workforce Scheduling and Flexible Flow Shop Problem in the Meat Industry
Beatrice Bolsi, Vinícius Lima, Thiago Queiroz, Manuel Iori
Optimization Strategies for In-Store Order Picking in Omnichannel Retailing
Xiaochen Chou, Nicola Ognibene Pietri, Dominic Loske, Matthias Klumpp, Roberto Montemanni
Digital Twin Application for the Temperature and Steam Flow Monitoring of a Food Pasteurization Pilot Plant
Giovanni Tancredi, Eleonora Bottani, Giuseppe Vignali
Investigating the Role of Institutional Frameworks in Food Waste Reduction at the Retailer Interface in the European Union
Yvonne Rachael Owasi, Marco Formentini
Predicting Exports Using Time Series and Regression Trend Lines: Brazil and Germany Competition in Green and Roasted Coffee Industry
Paula Cruz Correia, João Reis, Emerson Rodolfo Abraham, Jaqueline Costa
Scheduling of Parallel Print Machines with Sequence-Dependent Setup Costs: A Real-World Case Study
Manuel Iori, Alberto Locatelli, Marco Locatelli
Use of Paraconsistent Logic Evidential Annotated Eτ in Logistic Systems
Angel Martinez, Liliam Sayuri Sakamoto, Jair Minoro Abe, Luiz Lima, Jonatas Souza, Nilson Souza
Selecting the Sustainable Fresh Food Surface Transport Array Using Analytic Hierarchy Process
Irenilza De Alencar Nääs, Nilsa Silva Lima, Manoel Eulálio Neto, Gilson Tristão Duarte

Sustainability in Production Planning and Lot-Sizing

A Partial Nested Decomposition Approach for Remanufacturing Planning Under Uncertainty
Franco Quezada, Céline Gicquel, Safia Kedad-Sidhoum
A Lot-Sizing Model for Maintenance Planning in a Circular Economy Context
Ernest Foussard, Marie-Laure Espinouse, Gregory Mounié, Margaux Nattaf
An Integrated Single-Item Lot-Sizing Problem in a Two-Stage Industrial Symbiosis Supply Chain with Stochastic Demands
Cheshmeh Chamani, El-Houssaine Aghezzaf, Abdelhakim Khatab, Birger Raa, Yogang Singh, Johannes Cottyn
Three-Phase Method for the Capacitated Lot-Sizing Problem with Sequence Dependent Setups
Francois Larroche, Odile Bellenguez, Guillaume Massonnet
Optimization for Lot-Sizing Problems Under Uncertainty: A Data-Driven Perspective
Paula Metzker, Simon Thevenin, Yossiri Adulyasak, Alexandre Dolgui



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